electriQ CD12LE Premium Low Energy Compressor Dehumidifier for up to 3 bed house, with Digital Humidistat & Air Purifier with UV and Plasma Ionizer


Create a healthier environment for you and your family with this low energy 12L dehumidifier from electriQ. Suitable for flats and homes up to 3 bedrooms, this powerful yet incredibly energy efficient dehumidifier provides a cost effective solution in combating damp, mould and condensation.

It works by removing excess moisture and humidity in the air which can encourage the growth of common allergens that maybe damaging to a person’s health and home. Allergens can be anything from dust mites and pollen to mould and bacteria. The ionizer can refresh the air while killing viruses, dust mites, mould and airborne allergens.


It’s engineered with some very clever technology that saves you 40% of the running costs compared with standard dehumidifiers. There’s also a timer function that can be set to automatically switch on/off at a convenient time – so you can have it run while you’re sleeping, at work, or at an off peak electricity period to further reduce operating costs.


The water tank is large enough to hold up to 4 litres of water and you don’t need to worry about it over flowing because the unit will stop once the tank is full. The Intelligent humidistat control logic ensures maximum water extraction with minimum power use. The CD12LE can also be set up for continuous draining by connecting a hose into the drain outlet at the back.

Key Features

  • Saves 40% of the running costs compared with standard dehumidifiers
  • Great for flats and homes up to 3 bed houses; also ideal for small to medium size offices
  • Low energy compressor – uses only 180 Watts
  • Cost effective way to combat mould, condensation and damp
  • Air purifier function with plasma Ionizer and UV sterilisation
  • Anti-dust self-closing oscillating louvres for improved air flow
  • Dries laundry more efficiently than a tumble dryer
  • Large 4 litres tank or permanent drainage operation
  • Castors for improved mobility
  • Stylish modern design
  • 24hours start / stop timer

Technical information

  • Max 180 watts/ hr power consumption
  • Extraction rate up to 12 litres per day
  • Digital humidistat with backlight LCD display showing current room humidity
  • Accurate adjustable humidistat allowing settings from 35 to 80%rh in 5%rh steps
  • Permanent drainage port or tank use
  • 1 – 24 hour stopping timer
  • Two fan speeds for good balance between quiet operation and improved air flow/ performance
  • Air Flow (nominal): 180 m3/hr
  • Auto restart on power off
  • Max noise level Maximum 42-49 dB(A)
  • Operating Temperatures 5-35 degrees Celsius
  • Refrigerant R134
  • Tank 4 litres


W x H x D: 38 x 19.5 x 58 cm
Weight: 14 kgs