electriQ Intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with UV sterilization & Self Charging Dock – eiq-c11e


The ElectriQ robot cleaner features integrated movement sensors that measure and register movements to ensure best cleaning routine. The eIQ-C11E also benefits from infra-red sensors that scan in front of the robovac to avoid collisions with a further sensor beneath the unit to avoid falling off steps. With good traction on all common floor coverings, the eIQ-C11E is able to negotiate height differences making it ideal for rooms with both hard floor, tiles, carpets.


  • Stairs/ Drop avoidance detector anti-fall from higher stage
  • Gentle bumper sensor for self-protection!
  • Washable micro-fibre cloth for light mopping while vacuuming
  • Different cleaning mode: along the wall, straight line, spiral for maximum coverage
  • Use improved main flexible side brush with new shape. Cleans floor faster and better
  • Self-adjusting cleaning head automatically traverses uneven floor
  • Easily to empty bagless dust bin
  • Advanced remote Control can set all functions or move the robovac in different directions
  • Touch LCD screen on the robot body for simple operation
  • Automatic Self-Recharging: the machine will automatically seek the charging dock when battery is low or cleaning has finished
  • UV light and Filter great for fighting allergies. Filter can be easily cleaned with a soft brush or hoover
  • Long operating time; can run for up to 2 hours on a single battery charge