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electriQ iQDry360 moisture absorber with  free refill
  • Simple to use and easy to empty
  • Great for wardrobes, cars, caravans, basements
  • Kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms
  • Ideal in small and unheated areas
  • No power needed
£29.97 Only £9.98
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electriQ 244 Litre Freestanding Fridge Freezer Retro 60/40 Split 55cm Wide - Cream
  • Retro-inspired design
  • Flame retardant metal back, making the unit much safer
  • Full width salad draw gives you plenty of room to store your salad, fruit and vegetables
  • The metal back is flame retardant, making this fridge freezer much safer
  • Store up to 13 bags of shopping with its combined 244L of space
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electriQ 155 Litre Freestanding Fridge Freezer 50/50 Split A+ Energy Rating 50cm Wide - White
  • Split - 50/50
  • Fridge Capacity - 99L
  • Freezer Capacity - 56L
  • Dimensions - (H)129cm x (W)50cm x (D)57cm
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electriQ 16L Portable Evaporative Air Cooler Air Purifier with anti-Bacterial PM2.5 filter and Humidifier
  • Eco spot cooler, humidifier and air purifier
  • 16 litre tank
  • Enhanced honeycomb filter for improve air quality
  • Digital controls, remote and timer
  • Compact and Portable design with castors for easy mobility
£169.99 Only £89.98
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SAVE £60
electriQ Slimline ECO Evaporative Air Cooler with built-in Air Purifier and Humidifier - AC100R
  • Creates a cool breeze using evaporated water
  • 3 fan speeds for desired level of cooling
  • Low running costs - less than a light bulb
  • 4 litre tank + ice pack for added cooling
  • Castor wheels for easy portability
£129.98 Only £69.97
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electriQ 60L Evaporative Air Cooler and Air Purifier with anti-Bacterial Ioniser for areas up to 80 sqm
  • Provides a strong cool breeze and spot cooling
  • 3 fan speeds for desired level of cooling
  • Handle and castor wheels for easy portability
  • 8 Hour timer
  • Tank capacity: 60L
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SAVE £70
Anti Bacterial PM2.5 HEPA Air Purifier with Air Quality Display and Timer - great for up to 120 sqm rooms
  • 3-stage air purification system
  • Heavy duty and Energy Efficient
  • 99.9% efficient HEPA filter
  • Great for Hay fever and severe allergies
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PM2.5 Antiviral Smart WiFi Alexa 7 Stage Air Purifier with HEPA UV  Carbon  Photocatalyst Ioniser- Great for large Rooms and Offices up to 150 sqm
  • 7-stage air purification system
  • Energy efficient model
  • 99.7 % efficient HEPA filter
  • Great for Hay fever and other allergies
  • Purifies particles down to PM2.5
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SAVE £50
5 Stage Best Air Purifier with HEPA filter UV & Photocatalytic for rooms up to 30m2
  • 5-stage air purification system
  • Great for Hay fever and Asthma
  • 99.7% efficient HEPA filter
  • Ultra quiet and energy efficient
  • Long-lasting performance
£109.97 Only £59.98
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electriQ 12 litre Low Energy Dehumidifier for up to 3 bed house with Digital Humidistat and UV Plasma Air Purifier
  • Available in White Black or WIFI version
  • Improved air quality with UV and Odour filter
  • Clear humidity and temperature indicators
  • Antibacterial tank which eliminates mould
  • Great at drying laundry
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SAVE £41
electriQ Slim Tower Fan with Oscillation and 3 speed settings - White
  • Choose from three fan speeds and the option to oscillate the airflow around your room
  • It's small enough to sit on your desk, standing the same height as a 2L bottle of pop
  • Super easy to control - simply twist the dial at the top to your preferred fan speed
  • It's ready to use straight out of the box and requires no permanent installation
  • Cooling fan function
£65.97 Only £24.98
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ARCTIC 48L Evaporative Air Cooler for areas up to 60 sqm
  • Cools rooms up to a maximum of 60 sqm
  • Large 48 Litre Tank
  • Low eco-friendly running costs
  • 3 fan speeds for desired level of circulation
  • Powerful air throw with auto-swing

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Items 1-12 of 652
Items per page
Showing: 1 - 12 of 652
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