electriQ Food Vacuum Sealer – EIQVSMF8W


Food can quickly lose its flavour, texture and nutritional value. This is due to the oxygen and moisture in the air. The electriQ Vacuum Sealer offers a solution by simply vacuum sealing your food, protecting food, keeping it fresh for up to five times longer. A highly effective method as conventional containers still trap air with your food.


  • Keep food fresher for up to 5 times longer
  • Lock in flavour and nutrients
  • Protect from mould and bacteria
  • Save time, Prepare meals for the week ahead
  • Save money, buy in bulk and Vac seal what you don’t need right now
  • Marinate in 20 minutes!
  • Unlike other vacuum sealers, this electriQ vacuum sealer has speed settings to prevent delicate food from being crushed
  • Make entertaining easy, prepare food in advance
  • Always have a supply of your favourite seasonal foods
  • Control portions, great for diets